I haven’t done a blog post on fashion for awhile so I thought it would be  a great opportunity to showcase some Mother’s Day inspiration since I will be a MOM soon myself.  This year has been truly special and being pregnant was the most amazing and hardest thing I have ever done.    You never understand something until you go through it yourself and I have  to say I am so thankful for all the support, love and best wishes I have gotten 🙂   So to every beautiful mom out there raising their children in utmost style and fashion- Happy Mother’s Day! 

For the longest time I have been putting off wearing maternity clothes because  I thought I can get away with wearing flowy dresses and loose fitting clothes (and you most definitely can) but I have to say by  the third trimester, you really need maternity clothes and I didn’t know why I waited so long!   There are so many stylish options that make you feel pretty and sexy  and it fits your growing belly to make you feel comfortable which is really important.  What I love about maternity fashion is that you get your pre-pregnancy size ex. if you were a size small you buy a small and it will fit the rest of your body well while embracing the bump correctly.  I find that with non-maternity clothes especially t-shirts or tops it rides up and your belly is exposed so its really important ladies to buy some maternity clothes to at least go out in public.    For this look I paired this off the shoulder fitted red dress with some simple rose gold jewelry  like this pretty bracelet I got from an event and these sparkly sandals that I haven’t worn much.  People are always amazed that I wear heels still but in truth, I change out of them after an event or photo shoot and always keep a pair of flats in my car  or even purse.    I also love wearing red because I always get so many compliments when I wear the colour.  Nothing says a sexy mama like this tight fitting and off the shoulder dress by Carry Maternity just perfect to make you feel good about yourself (even though you feel like misery inside) 

I am currently in my third trimester and I have to say its been difficult- indigestion, pain on the tailbone, hard time sleeping, breathing,  and bending over (don’t even talk about it) and because of my indigestion my nausea has returned which is frustrating.  Everyone says the third is the hardest and most  uncomfortable and they are RIGHT! There is also so many movement from the baby, down there (you know what I mean) and these small contractions (braxton hicks) which are so uncomfortable that its just hard to keep up.  My mood has also been affected and I just feel like out of body and not myself.  I know that everyone is different and I have to say my pregnancy has been a true blessing so far with no complications and  a quick  conception but I am getting very anxious about the birth!   However, even with all this I am excited to see my baby girl (Yes we are having a girl)  and its worth it no matter how hard it is.      

Looking forward for you to meet my mini me and as always thanks for reading and have a wonderful Mother’s Day! 

Dress: Carry Maternity(Thank you)
Shoes: Alexandre Birman
Bag: Chanel
Bracelet: Monica Vinader (Thank you)
Flowers: Box Des Fleurs (Thank you)

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