My Surprise Baby Shower!!!

​With my baby on the way very soon (due in mid June or earlier) I want to share with you some pictures from my surprise (very) baby shower that my lovely girls threw for me in April!  I usually don’t do posts that are really intimate about my life but I really want to share this special moment with all of you and hopefully help you plan your next baby shower for your friends.  

​On a beautiful sunny Sunday, I walked into  what I was thinking was  birthday party for a three year old with presents wrapped in princess paper only to hear SURPRISE!  To be honest I was so tired from the night before because my husband friends threw him a birthday party (thanks guys 🙂 with a few of the wives also present for my shower (poor girls) the next day- the last thing I was thinking of was a baby shower.  I was told by my friend Krystle that it was for her daughter 3 year birthday even though I thought it was strange it was at a Mexican restaurant like three weeks before her actual birthday.  But whatever I didn’t think too much into it and  then I realized it was all for me!  I was actually so busy in March and April that I really didn’t think too much about a shower but Krystle said she will plan something  but I didn’t think anything of it!   ​Therefore, I came in to a room decorated with gorgeous coral, pink and white balloons and a soft pink and white cake decorated in decadent macaroons.  Everything was understated, elegant and cute  which  is  exactly my taste! Delicate baby breaths and pink roses adorn were adorn in gold Mason jars and  pretty pastel cupcakes  line the cake table.   We played two games which were so fun (highly recommended) and so unique actually for a baby shower! One was called Porn or Labour and the other was making a baby out of play-doh  and there were definitely some very creative creations (congrats to Jess for making the prettiest play do baby lol).  Then of course we had to end the afternoon with some delicious cake and opening of presents that were all so special! My poor husband, whom was so hung-over, was summoned to take pictures for us but hey it was worth it! 

For the party, I decided to grab for this gorgeous   blue knotted floral wrapped dress  and it was perfect. My hair was still curly from the night before so I just sprayed some dry shampoo and viola I was done!  I didn’t have time to put on some lashes unfortunately but I think a natural look was more suited for the occasion.  I paired the dress with a natural wood ark bag and some blush flats (which gave me more legs) and the whole look allowed me to have  ample comfort while I moved around for games, pictures and mingling.  If I have to give any suggestions for dressing during the third trimester and even the second, it would be to invest in dresses (maternity or not) because it’s  just so hard to find pants that fit my belly(unless you go for  maternity jeans or leggings). Dresses, especially maternity dresses are a must because it can also double for nursing later.  I think an important tip for expecting mom is to buy maternity clothes (tops, dresses, and nightgowns etc) with nursing options so you can get plenty of use even after birth for breastfeeding if you choose to do so.  

 I hope you enjoyed the images and of course  a Big thank you to all the girls that  planned this for me- I am so grateful to have you in my life and you all did an amazing job.  I know of all the hard work you put in and it was a perfect day and perfect way to welcome our baby!  My husband and I are so spoiled to have friends like all of you.

Thanks for reading!

Dress: Seraphine Maternity
Bag: Cult Gaia
Shoes: Coach

Photography:   MonkeyB_Photogrpahy

Special Thanks to Kryslte, Lucinda, Arby, Kelly, Amy T + Mikayla, Amy Z, Wendy, Tina , Jess & Yvette and all the boys the night before 

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