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Everyone deserves a good night’s rest, so if you have trouble sleeping like so many others I highly recommend the Leesa® mattress.  Born out of this same concern, the founders of Leesa® wanted to create a mattress that was not only comfortable but affordable at the same time by taking out the middleman.  With this direct-to-consumer idea, Leesa® the online mattress store was imagined- to reinvent the sleep experience one mattress at a time! This spring as we welcome a new baby into our lives, we knew we needed to have as much rest as possible before the baby comes.  So as we renovate our home and our bedroom, I knew that the first piece of furniture I needed was to find a good mattress.  I was fortunate enough to be sent one to review and I have to say my results have been very positive.  So continue reading and see how the Leesa® mattress can transform your sleep as well.

​My Review
I was extremely impressed on how quick the mattress came (within days of ordering) and in a convenient logo boxed delivered right to my doorstep.  Easily carried and unboxed by two people, the Leesa® mattress was also aesthetically pleasing with four signature retro stripes that matched beautifully with my bed frame and mid-century décor.  However stylish and convenient, the most important function of a mattress is of course the quality of sleep it gives you and I have to say that their Universal Adaptive Feel technology is one of a kind.  With just the right of amount of gentleness and firmness, the premium foam they use contours your body and sleep style just right.  If you have a partner like mine who rolls around a lot, you will love the Leesa® because I didn’t feel disturbed by any movement or loud sounds that you would with a spring mattress.  It’s very comfortable, quiet and almost like you are floating on air! Unlike other mattresses that can get hot throughout the night, the Leesa® actually kept us cool and that is one of the benefit of the high quality premium foam they use.  Since the mattress was so comfortable, I really felt confident that I can sleep on the mattress alone without any help from my pregnancy pillow but sadly after one night I have to reach for them again.  With that said, I realized it wasn’t necessarily the mattress but my growing belly that continues to bother me with discomfort which is very normal during the third trimester.

 If you would like to try out a one of their mattresses, Leesa® offers a 100 days risk-free trial so you if you don’t like it you can return it and they can pick it up right at your door again.  They are also carried in   West Elm stores so you can go in person and test out the mattress. Redesigned to give you the utmost comfort, support and sleep, the Leesa® mattress really does feel as good as it look.  So try out one today and experience the true power of Leesa Sleep®!

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