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Who is Yvonna?

Born and raised in beautiful Vancouver,  Yvonna has long dreamed of being in fashion but the chance never really came.  Yvonna who majored in Political Science at UBC however knew her destiny was to take over the family restaurant business one day along with her brother but with her parent’s retirement she finally got that chance and was free to dream on her own terms and Glamouraspirit was born!


Ever since she laid her first clicks on European blogs ten years ago, Yvonna was mesmerized by the effortless chic street style of the European bloggers and understood what they were doing- inspiring through fashion and she hopes to do the same! Being also savvy with social media, she decides to start Instagram in July of 2015 and the rest is history.   Over the years, Yvonna has worked with countless brands in fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, and now parenthood including Coach, Marc  Jacobs beauty, Sephora, Loreal, Clearly, River Rock Casino Resort, Lexus, Aveeno etc and has also been featured in publication such as the Vancouver Sun, Dailyhive and Narcity Vancouver as a top fashion blogger!

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Motherhood and Love

On June 20th, 2018 Yvonna gave birth to daughter Adelina Rosalynn Lee, the first child with her husband Andy (who is the photographer behind Glamouraspirit) and started her successful transition into motherhood, and won Vancouvermom.ca top honor in 2019.    Since her win, Yvonna has received even a greater amount of opportunities to inspire #momlife in the most fashionable way while keeping it real with her audience 🙂  With her new role she hopes to inspire other moms that they too can be great parents while still retaining their old selves one stylish picture at a time.

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Let’s Collaborate!

With her vibrant and genuine personality, Yvonna will try her best to showcase your product in a positive and creative way making sure your product and brand stands out in an overtly saturated and competitive market.

If you are an emerging or established company looking to market a new or classic product or service,  Yvonna can help you with a unique collaboration and partnership to best express your message and brand. Whether it is fashion, accessories, beauty or destination, parenthood, baby etc… Yvonna hopes to create something extraordinary and memorable with you. If you have a business, styling, motherhood, or any other inquiries please contact info@glamouraspirit.com 

Hope to hear from you!

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Yvonna Chow
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