A Glimpse into My Home: Talking about my Design Journey and Beloved pieces from Eternity Modern

*This is an Eternity Modern Review

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Shown Mario Bellini couch in Snow White Boucle and EM Coffee Table in Walnut and canvas by Darcelle Chow

I remember like was yesterday when we first moved into this home, not only was it a long time in the making but truly a dream come true and we couldn’t be happier here.  Now after one year, my home is almost finished (I say 95%) and we are just putting finishing touches like pictures, curtains (maybe), and accessories around to bring the home together.  So in honour of our one-year anniversary at this home, I am excited to share with you my design journey and interior inspiration so far and my beloved pieces from Eternity Modern which I couldn’t rave more about. 


Back Story of my Home Journey

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View from the second floor: products include Mario Bellini Sofa, Em Coffee Table, Pierre Jeanneret Floating Back Arm Chair

As mentioned this was a long time in the making, around 10 years to be exact and it was something I have always wanted but never really saw coming into fruition. Of course like everything, when it did happen it was so quick that I can barely grasp the concept! Last December, we weren’t even thinking of moving (I was hoping to move when I turn 40 so in two years) but my mother-in-law saw sold signs everywhere and started to just look around for fun. One thing led to another and all of a sudden the market in Vancouver went crazy, we then found an experienced real-estate agent which sold our house in two days and then we had to move in two months.  In a nutshell, it was like a whirlwind of emotions but looking back I”m very thankful that it happened that way and now we are living in our dream home. I also think it was fate because for many years we couldn’t agree on a home we all liked with the perfect space and location but when we saw this house (which I wasn’t even able to see at first) we instantly fell in love and knew that this would be our new home and a place for Adelina to grow up in.

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Close up of the EM Coffee Table & Mario Bellini Sofa

Interior Inspiration

One of the biggest reasons we all fell in love with this home was because it was brand new, modern, has a glass staircase and AC, and also has white walls which makes it very clean, bright and easy to furnish and decorate. I think we brought this house also at the right time because the very popular Japandi and Scandinavian style is very on-trend these days and the white home is all the rage on Instagram and for me, it works out perfectly.

Living Room:

For my living room, since it’s the first space that people will see when they enter I wanted to have statement pieces that are chic yet versatile at the same time. I decided to skip out on very sculptural pieces for this living space and went with bold pieces instead that have a lot of story and narratives with a warm palette of walnut brown, sand, white, and wood to evoke a sense of invite and calm when entered. Even though it may seem like a minimal space from the outside; in actuality like an onion, there are layers of texture, interest, depth, and even history. Since I’ve invested in good quality pieces, I know that when trends fade the quality of these pieces will keep them timeless and classic for many years to come.

eternity modern, Pierre jeanneret, cane chair, mid century modern, Scandinavian, aesthetics,  japandi, crate and barrel, vase, minimalism, home  design, interior design, mario bellini, boucle, couch, noguchi table, em coffee table, living room decor

Mario Bellini Camaleonda Sofa

In speaking of quality timeless pieces, this Mario Bellini Camaleonda sofa is one of them! A true statement-making piece, I have endless chatter about this couch whenever people see it because it’s so unique! So I had the most difficulty in deciding how to furnish my entry living room because it was such an awkward length. But it wasn’t until I discovered Eternity Modern that all my design woes disappeared and my space came together like magic all thanks to this sofa. Created by Italian architect Mario Bellini in the ’70s, the Camaleonda was only on the market for eight years, from the 1970s to 1978. Since then it has become one of the most sought-after sofas on the secondary market (1) and also very very expensive I might add. This is where Eternity Modern comes in, famous for their reproduction of designer pieces like the Camaleonda and others, they are able to produce these pieces with the original designs, brand new, and at a lower cost so you can have a piece of history in your home. In an era of fast fashion, I found this retro piece to be a great investment because I know that this piece will last given its iconic status in interior design history.

The genius behind the Bellini couch is the module and its ability to be flexible in any space; hence it worked beautifully in mine when no other couches could. Whether you want a single, corner, 3- piece, or even a 10-piece or more sofa etc, the Bellini couch can be rearranged to fit any space big or small. You can attach the metal clasps on the side to connect the couches together and even remove the top to turn it into an ottoman if you like. There are so many ways to play with this couch which is also important for me because I need to move pieces around to film reels and photos so it’s very convenient. To be honest, I didn’t like this couch at first when I saw influencers obsess over it and I didn’t get the hype and thought it looked funny and awkward with the weird bumps. It wasn’t until I heard Athena Calderone (influencer, interior designer, chef, and author behind eyeswoon) describe it as “comfortable” that it swayed my interest. Even though this wasn’t going to be my main couch I still wanted it to be comfortable, and I was so SURPRISED at how comfortable this couch is despite its shape. And the boucle…oh the boucle makes it so cozy and I am glad I went with my guts and went for the snow-white just absolutely love it.

In speaking of the fabric, I was quite hesitant at first and took a long time deciding (originally I was going to go for a darker olive green shade) but I took the courage and went for the Boucle in Snow White because it’s not a living space I use very often so I figured it would be ok and it has been so far. Also, boucle is very durable and not that hard to clean so if you have a stain, a little spot cleaning will do. If you want to go further you can try scotch guarding (but do a patch test before spraying) to protect the sofa from spills. However, if you are not wanting the risk of stains and spills, Eternity Modern has tons of fabrics, colours, and styles for you to choose from like leather and suede, so you can feel safe that your precious pieces can be maintained well for a long time.

eternity modern, Pierre jeanneret, cane chair, mid century modern, Scandinavian, aesthetics,  japandi, crate and barrel, vase, minimalism, home  design, interior design, mario bellini, boucle, couch, Chandigarh, floating back armchair

The Chandigarh Chair by Pierre Jeanneret

This next chair needs no introduction and you have probably seen it a million times on Instagram but not all are made the same. This is the Chandigarh Chair by Swiss architect Pierre Jeanneret created in the early 1950s for the city of Chandigarh India. It is unbelievable to think that this chair was once discarded and piled in the streets as trash when now it’s auctioned for tons of money (think six figures) and is considered a masterpiece in modern mid-century designs (2). Like the Camaleonda couch, I did not love it at first because I saw some replicas of cane chairs in other stores and they were very light and the rattan sticks out which can scatch your skin so I wasn’t very sold on the piece. But I was looking for a single chair to fill the entry living space that would match the Bellini sofa so I decided to wait and get it from Eternity Modern and it was totally worth it. When I first saw the chair, my heart stopped because it was gorgeous, sturdy, and heavy and the cane was made to perfection. I can see from this reproduction why it was so revered because it’s a stunning piece that somehow complements any room and is a great companion to other furniture. Since the chair has a walnut colour I wanted to add another walnut piece into the space and decided on a glass table to connect with the glass elements from my staircase to tie everything together and decided on the EM Coffee Table. Along with the Noguchi table or EM Coffee Table (at Eternity Modern) another reproduction of Japanese American artist Isamu Noguchi by Herman Miller in the 1950s, I couldn’t believe that I have such art history of modernist furniture in my living room and that is really special. To finish off my living space, I got two canvases from a wonderful local artist Darcelle Chow who contacted me about her paintings. I got a chance to visit her studio and instantly felt a connection and through that connection, she painted these two custom art pieces for me and I couldn’t believe how perfectly it matches all the furniture. Her work is very delicate yet strong and whenever I see her paintings I get a sense of calm like clouds floating by which fits seamlessly with the theme of my living space.

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Bedroom items Shown: Toby Upholstered Storage Bed & Womb Chair in Sherpa


Next, I want to talk about my bedroom because it also took me a long time to curate as well and I also went for the same palette as I did with the living room. The only difference is that I have more hints of black for example, in my standing mirror, vessels and books to add more appeal and of course, I have to talk about this Toby upholstered storage bed and the Womb Chair (another designer reproduction) in the softest sherpa fabric.

Toby Upholstered Storage Bed:

So when we first moved in, I actually wanted to keep my old bed that is grey velvet from West Elm with mid-century nightstands which I absolutely love and still do. The problem was that it was a Queen size and it just felt out of place in the room so I looked at Eternity Modern website and found this wonderful Toby Upholstered Storage Bed. I got it in the King size in natural felt and I adore this colour because again it echos my love of minimalism with interest and the storage aspect is just a huge bonus. Another aspect I love about this Toby bed is the height because I hate beds that are too low or too high but this one is chef’s kiss! With the bed chosen, I knew I wanted an accent chair as I did with the cane chair downstairs however, I didn’t think I was going to choose another retro piece like this Womb Chair until I saw that it has a sherpa fabric option. Now I have to say everyone should have a sherpa piece in their home it’s just so fun and warm and brings such life into space and this womb chair does just that. Another designer replica from a famous Finnish architect named Eero Saarinen also from the mid-century modern era, this chair feels very luxurious with steel legs and curves, hugs and warms you in all the right way.

Home Sweet Home

So there you go now you have seen all of my inspirations in my home and I hope that you have discovered some pieces that you like from Eternity Modern to furnish your home one day. If you told me 1.5 years ago that I would move into my dream home I would have probably thought you were crazy and laughed it off. I still pinch myself sometimes looking around and feeling so proud of all of us for being patient and not swaying to a quick fix to things and really waiting for the right moments. I will be updating my home still here and there and I might even get more Jeanneret pieces so who knows and can’t wait to share more with you. In the meantime, I would like to thank you again for taking this journey with me I know a lot of you were excited to see how I decorate this house and I hope it lived up to your expectations.

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Mario Bellini Sofa in Boucle Snow White

Pierre Jeanneret Floating Back Arm Chair in Oiled Walnut

EM Coffee Table in Solid American Walnut

Toby Upholstered Storage Bed in Performance Felt Natural

Womb Chair in Sherpa in Cloud White

Canvas by Darcelle Chow

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