Soar Over Taiwan this Lunar New Year with FlyOver Canada Vancouver

*This is a paid sponsorship with FlyOver Canada Vancouver but opinions are of my own

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At the Entrance of FlyOver Canada Vancouver at Canada Place for Soar Over Taiwan

As the Year of the Tiger quickly approaches, FlyOver Canada Vancouver has launched a new attraction called Soar Over Taiwan and it is THE attraction to see for this Lunar New Year. I recently took my family and wanted to share with you my thoughts and also why you should take your family and loved ones to visit this Lunar holiday!

What is FlyOver Canada?

FlyOver Canada Vancouver treats guests to a memorable time where you can imagine soaring over dazzling landscapes, cities, waters, mountains, and even a view of the starry sky. This exhilarating ride utilizes a unique and state-of-the-art moving platform with six degrees of motion, multi-sensory special effects, and 20-metre half-spherical screen that provides guests with an unparalleled flight across iconic locations and natural landscapes. You will feel as if your feet are literally dangling in the air as your soar like a bird across majestic lands and views and with special effects, including wind, mist, and scents, combine with the ride’s motion; it creates an unforgettable entertainment experience like no other!

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Discover the Beauty that is Taiwan

What people might not know is that just like Vancouver, Taiwan is a place blessed with plentiful nature like tall mountains, waterfalls, river canyons, clear blue water with vibrant city life. If you have never traveled to Taiwan, Soar over Taiwan is a great introduction to the beautiful island and hopefully, once the pandemic settles you can visit it in real-time. Or if you have visited before, it serves as a reminder of how truly stunning the Taiwanese landscape is. On a related note, I did travel to Taiwan with my parents in 2010 but we were on a guided tour and didn’t actually get to see any of the countrysides, but thankfully with Soar Over Taiwan, I got to finally discover those natural beauties that I’ve missed.

lanterns, lunar new year, soar over taiwan, flyOver , Canada Place, Canada, Vancouver, red, celebration
Flyover Canada, Vancouver, Canada Place, tiger, Lunar New Year, buddha, red, celebration, Soar Over Taiwan

What You Can Expect On a Flight

I got to attend a few FlyOver experiences already and I have to say each one is stunning and fun. Located in the iconic Canada Place that boasts gorgeous panoramic views of our harbor and waterfront, I couldn’t think of a better location for these experiences. Now if you have never been to a FlyOver yet you are in for a treat even initially for the pre-show and I especially enjoyed this one with Soar Over Taiwan because it shares a bit of history and explains the tale of the monster “Nian” and how the Lunar traditions that are practiced today in Taiwan came to be.

Soar Over Taiwan, treats, FlyOver canada, vancouver, canada place, The Whale Cafe, lunar new year, treats, pineapple cake, pork bun, egg tarts, bubble tea, celebration
Lunar New Year treats at The Whale Cafe including egg tarts, pork bun, pineapple cake, chocolate coins and bubble tea

After the immersive preshow, make sure you take a moment and enjoy the beautiful décor like lanterns adorned hallways and special lion mascots used for traditional lion dances and much more before you board the flight. While on the 8-minute flight, I have to say my favourite part is the special effects because it makes the experience feel very REAL and this one included the sounds of firecrackers which made me feel like I was actually there participating in the festivities. And lastly, after the flight you can head to The Whale Café and enjoy special festive treats pineapple cake, pork buns, egg tarts, gold chocolate coins, and yes even bubble tea in two flavours; and while you enjoy the treats, don’t forget to write a wish and hang it up on the magnificent Wishing Tree they have at the entrance to the gift shop to bring in a year of good luck and fortune.

FlyOver Canada, Vancouver, Lunar new Year, Soar Over Taiwan, Year of the Tiger, Red, Lucky, Canada Place
FlyOver Canada, Vancouver, Lunar new Year, Soar Over Taiwan, Year of the Tiger, Red, Lucky, Canada Place

The Perfect Holiday Family Affair

Even though Vancouver has a rich collection of Asian cultures, I don’t feel as if there are enough festivities to honour important holidays like the Lunar New Year. I was surprised yet grateful that FlyOver Canada Vancouver has such an event where we can safely celebrate and dream of travel in our own city. Moreover, if you are looking for a fun family activity where everyone can enjoy, I can’t think of a better one than this one. So ring in the ferocious Year of the Tiger with an unforgettable experience as you enjoy sights, sounds, festivities, and stunning landscapes like Green Island, Sun Moon Lake, Jade Mountain(Yushan), Taipei and more! At the end of the journey, I promise you that you will find yourself in complete and utter awe of the breathtaking elegance that this cozy little island has to offer.

The flight is on from now till Feb 13 2022 and you can purchase tickets HERE

FlyOver sign, Vancouver, Canada Place, Lunar New Year, Year of the Tiger, Vancouver
COVID Safety and Regulation

-By Order of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) proof of COVID-19 vaccination (two doses) are now required to access FlyOver Canada.

-As of December 23, FlyOver Canada is at 50% capacity and any guest affected will be contacted

-Young children must be 102 cm/40″ tall to partake in the flight 

*You can find out more about their Safety and Regulation Here

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