How to Download Your Favourite Apps on the Huawei P40 Pro

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A few of weeks ago I got to unbox the NEW Huawei P40 Pro smartphone (delivered to me via a safe) and now the phone has officially launched in Canada. Recognized as the world’s best smartphone camera, the P40 Pro “redefines mobile photography once again,” said Kevin Li, President of the Huawei Canada Consumer Business Group. Echoing Mr. Li’s sentiments, I absolutely agree with the quality of photos and videos that it “offers the power and versatility of a pro DSLR paired with a stunning innovative design” such as a Quad-Curve Overflow 90 Hz Display and a stunning new colour called SilverFrost that leaves no fingerprints! Today, not only do I want to showcase this exciting new flagship launch from Huawei but also to let you know how you can safely and easily download all of your favourite apps.

Huawei P 40 Pro how to use apps on new smartphone

With the recent controversy surrounding the US government and the restrictions it poses on Huawei’s international users from accessing apps from Google Mobile Services, I think naturally most of us would be most concerned about how to download all of our favourite apps since some of them are U.S based developed ones. The great news is Huawei has a multipath of solutions for downloading all of your favourite apps in three simple steps and I want to talk about each option briefly.

petal Search on Huawei p40 pro

Option 1: Phone Clone

Phone Clone is the fastest method to transfer your top apps and data from your previous device. Download the app on your old and new phone to get started.

Option 1: Using Phone Clone is easy

  1. Launch Phone Clone on both devices.
  2. Select the old and new phone
  3. Select the old and new phone.
  4. Scan the QR code and establish a connection.
  5. Select the data you wish to transfer and start the migration.
  6. Please note some apps and data cannot be transferred, depending on OS.

Option 2: Huawei AppGallery

AppGallery is the official app delivery platform for HUAWEI devices, and you can find may of your favourite apps directly through here. Keep in mind, thousands of new apps are added regularly. So even if it’s not there today – chances are it will be included in the near future. AppGallery is pre-loaded on all P40 Series devices.

Option 3: Petal Search – Find Apps

This is where you’ll find majority of your apps – yes, even your Google apps. You can easily search and get updates for your apps from the best available sources using Petal Search. All future HUAWEI devices will come pre-loaded with the app, but if yours doesn’t, simply install Petal Search for access to download over 1M apps, get news, images and more.

You can also add the Petal Search widget to your home screen to find apps faster:

  • Pinch your home screen with two fingers and tap “Widgets”.
  • Search for “Petal Search” and drag the widget onto an empty part of your home screen.

Option 4: Add Bookmark

You can add web version bookmarks to your home screen for apps that aren’t available yet:

  • Launch Browser and navigate to the web version of the app
  • Press the menu icon on the bottom right.
  • Select “Add Page To” and tap “Phone home screen”

Huawei P 40 Pro, Silver Frost color

Thoughts so far on the Huawei P40 Pro …

I have to say I really love the phone and I definitely see an improvement with the picture quality from the P30 Pro! The images are more colorful, have more detail and the bokeh looks very natural almost as good as a DSLR or maybe better than some! I also really enjoy the Silver Frost colour because it photographs so cool when you take a mirror selfie and just looks so stunning.

Now with the apps, I really enjoy Phone Clone since it is so easy to move all of your materials including apps and all your photos in a very short amount time over to the new phone so it’s a great feature to Huawei. I think Petal Search is also great because apps you can’t find in the Huawei AppGallery you can probably find in Petal Search so they all work great together to get you all of your necessary apps.

However with that said, there are still some limitations in the apps mainly from in-app purchases for example as influencers we often use preset apps to filter our pictures and they have the option to unlock more presets with purchase. Since a lot of these apps require Google payment I am unable to buy more options so you can still get the app but if you want to do more with the app there are some limitations definitely. But from my understanding Huawei is working continuously to improve the app functions so hopefully we will see soon some great results and enhancements for our experience with using apps on Huawei devices.

Thanks for reading and make sure to check out this stunning phone and purchase yours today here

(This post was sponsored by Huawei Mobile Canada but opinions are of my own)

picture taken with Huawei p 40 pro


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