A Cute family Photoshoot with Alpacas at Kensington Prairie Farm

Feeding Alpacas at Kensington Prairie Farm

Back in July, we got to visit Kensington Prairie Farm with Tourism Langley and discovered this super cute Alpaca farm that was so close to us and we didn’t even know it. Through this visit, we found out Adelina’s deep love for Alpacas and she was just having the time of her life playing, chasing, feeding, and laughing with them! In fact, it is because of Adelina’s vivid enthusiasm that inspired Deeprice, who manages her family farm to invite us back for this dreamy sunset shoot which also gave us a chance to capture moments together as a whole family and even some couple photos to celebrate our 8th year wedding anniversary. So please take a moment to explore this hidden gem with me and hopefully inspire you with some great family or couples photo with Alpacas this fall.

Family photo session walking through Alpacas farm and field
mother and daughter kiss

their Story

Catherine Simpson established Kensington Prairie Farm in 2000 on five acres of land in Surrey, BC in an area historically known as Kensington Prairie County. Home to 12 alpacas, the farm quickly grew to 30+ animals and in 2006, Kensington Prairie Farm relocated to Langley, BC, and expanded its operations from 5 to 45 acres. Kensington Prairie Farm is now a diversified farming operation. In addition to breeding, raising, and showing Huacaya alpacas, they also market and sell a variety of high-quality Canadian made and imported alpaca products from our on-farm Boutique and online store Now mostly managed by her daughter Deeprice (or Dee) the farm also rescue llamas that have been abandoned by their owners mainly those that can no longer care for them or just want the llamas so they can get their farmers license. The last time we were there the llamas were just rescued and was quite scared and nervous around people but this time they were friendly and healthy so it was lovely to see.

kid picnic photshoot sunset eating cheese

The Setup

Last time we were here, Dee mentioned that some of the Alpacas were hiding from the summer heat and she was trying to find them to show us but we never got to see them. But this time, all of the Alpacas in the farm were there to greet us at the shoot so we were just in Alpaca heaven! Dee greeted us warmly as she normally does at the gate and this time we walked even further into their farm which seems never-ending. When we finally got to the shoot location which took us a while to walk because their farm is so vast, I was blown away by the cute rustic picnic setup adorned with Dahlias picked from her grandmother’s garden, Alpaca wine glasses for our couples shoot later and even fake cheese for Adelina to chew on.  I was so impressed by the attention to detail and really you have to be a mother to understand that the props have to be safe for children and she did a great job setting up the whole picnic.

family with Alpacas

A family Affair

Originally, Dee mentioned she only wanted Adelina to model with the Alpacas but I thought maybe we can also squeeze in some photos as a family and she agreed along with Capri the photographer immediately.  For me as an influencer, I am always in front of the camera but my husband is always behind-the-scenes, so we rarely get professional photos together so this was very special that they agreed to give us a little family session. My mother-in-law Irene, who is usually the babysitter, the assistant, and also someone just always behind the scenes keeping things together was present too so it was great that we were able to capture a few photos as a whole family (now next time I will have to get my father-in-law out who doesn’t like photos and is very shy). As you can see we decided to coordinate our clothing as a family too so we were mostly in blue and white which stood out nicely against the Alpacas as a photoshoot backdrop. One tip I want to give, other than listening to the photographer is to bring a variety of outfits to change even if you run out of time and don’t get to wear it bring it anyways. My background as a fashion blogger really helps me get prepared for shoots and what I hate seeing in photos are so many beautiful shots but with the same outfits over and over again so it’s important to add variety make the most of these photoshoots. We also got to bring along a sunhat from a family friend who owns a kid’s accessories shop so make sure you check out Momgozip for some adorable items.

picnic mother and daughter moment alpacas
child playing with Alpaca at farm
Engagement shoot at Alpaca farm sunset

Couples Shoot

At the location, we also got to meet Capri for the first time and she was just the nicest and made us all feel so comfortable and was able to capture Adelina’s brightest smiles, sweet family time, and even our intimate moments as a couple.  Capri mentioned something that really stuck and stood out to me at the shoot where she told me that when we have kids (she is also a mother) that we rarely take the time to appreciate each other and everything is about the kids or work. So having these moments as a couple is really important and I absolutely agree. For the shoot, they brought out the adorable Alpacas wine glasses for us to have a little champagne moment and I have to say the couples shoot was really fun and now has inspired me to do it more often.  One thing to note was that during the shoot, I didn’t even realize how close it was to our 8th year wedding anniversary so now we have photos to celebrate the occasion! This actually came at the perfect time because my husband actually hurt his back a couple of weeks after and we were not able to celebrate at all so at least we got this photoshoot. 

family picnic photo shoot at Alpaca Farm

An Adorable Date with the Alpacas

To be honest, we were all surprised at Adelina’s fearless love for Alpacas because for a while (prob 1-1.5yrs old) she was scared of everything, so we were so stunned! But I know that kids go through many phases, so her fear and love of things will change often but I know her love for Alpacas will probably stay because who can blame her they are too adorable to resist. Dee was telling me she was searching for the perfect child for this photoshoot and Adelina was apparently the one!  Luckily Adelina did not disappoint that evening and even took to Dee’s instructions well (which never happens at home) like sitting and waiting for food to feed the Alpacas and even got to ride in Dee’s truck. Overall our entire experience at Kensington Farm has been so positive, so I highly recommend anyone and not just family to check out the farm and book a photoshoot with the Alpacas because this is the only time you will get to feed and pet them and definitely worth it.

The KPFarm is only open to the public on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all year round where they offer guided tours on Fridays and Saturdays and walking tours Fridays and Sundays and all these private tours need to be pre-booked in advance via email.  General admission is $5 per person and all the proceeds will go towards benefiting the Quechua charity which helps children in Peru. They are in the process of planning these wonderful shoots to be released to the public so you too can have the same experience we did to cherish for a lifetime.

For any inquires about the farm, hours and the photo shoot please email the farm at: info@kpfarm.com

Disclaimer: This was a gifted experience from Kensington Prairie Farm & Capri Kimberly photography

girl kissing Alpaca in farm
posing with dahlia flowers at Alpaca farm

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