The Walk-in Clinic Experience without the hassle- Introducing CloudMD a safe and secure way to gain access to Care

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With November just around the corner, not only are we bracing for a drop in temperature but it’s also for people getting sick! However, this year with Covid going to the doctor is no longer that easy and in-person medical visits and care are limited. So today, I want to introduce you to a way to gain access to medical care through CloudMD, a free and secure virtual app that instantly connects you with a licensed Canadian doctor! What is so great about this virtual platform is that it can be accessed from any devices including your phone, PC and tablet and they have services beyond regular clinic hours including evenings and weekends so super convenient and helpful for people like me who are parents. Let’s discover more about CloudMD and see how you can easily and safely and receive the medical advice you need and deserve through this concept of telemedicine.

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With technological advances in Smartphone’s and tablets and now with Covid, “Telemedicine” or “Virtual Healthcare” is no longer a new concept but the way healthcare is conducted now for non-emergency health care needs and concerns. CloudMD is at the forefront of the telemedicine healthcare model and unlike before where attending a walk-in clinic session can be frustrating with long wait times, uncertain appointment bookings and the chance of exposure to other sick people, now all that can be avoided with telehealth (1)

Glamouraspirit booking an doctors appointment with telemedicine website and app CloudMD

So who is CloudMD and who can have access to their service?

CloudMD is a national network of licensed and registered doctors whom are qualified to practice Family Medicine in the relevant province of Canada. With a goal to provide more patients with affordable and convenient way to access care, this secure online platform connects patients and doctors virtually for a real-time medical visit via video conference for non-emergency related health concerns; hence, eliminating the need for patients to travel to an appointment. Not only an incredibly safe way to connect with doctors at this time, they are also available beyond traditional clinic hours including evenings and weekends so you can have the flexibility to schedule at your own time and take control of your access to care.

Only serving B.C and Ontario residents covered by MSP and OHIP at the moment, consultations are of no charge and as long as you have access to Wi-Fi you are good to go or else data charges may apply. This easy and free to download app is simple to use and their team of professional physicians are available for general health questions to help manage care for you and your whole family. Also designed for a prescription renewal, prescriptions can be sent directly from the doctor to your local pharmacy. Furthermore, each patient will automatically have an electronic chart created that will allow providers to quickly access and understand the patient’s past and current health status so really you have the walk-in clinic experience without having to be physically there saving time and at the safety and convenience of your own home.

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So how does CloudMD Work?

Doesn’t this app sound like a dream? Well it is and I want to quickly share with you how it works and help you get started with CloudMD. Here are the steps:

  1. Download our app and register– the app will ask for your general info and your care card number so have that ready
  • Describe your symptoms– You can write in the description box on why you want to see a doctor today so the physicians can get a good idea
  • Book an Appointment: Once you are registered on the platform you can book your appointment and you can go to the schedule finder on the website/app and book your appointment. They have plenty of timeslots each around 10-15mins and even extend to the evening and weekends and you can even access it during a lunch break or when your child naps if it isn’t a serious medical question that they will require to see them.
  • Connect with one of the doctors: – Once you book an appointment you will receive a notification in your email and also a reminder on when your session will be. I literally booked it the same day and had my appointment in the evening so there is no hassle and in just a few minutes before your session starts there will be another reminder email and the doctor will appear pretty quickly with no wait time which I have never gotten before so I was beyond delighted and impressed.
Glamouraspirit and daughter booking an virtual telemedicine appointment with CloudMD

What I love about CloudMD

My overall experience with the app was really positive and I highly recommend this platform for everyone. With that said, I wish this app was around when I was a new mom, so I could have avoided bringing my baby in unnecessarily for routine check-ups which is a lot of work. I also wished I knew about CloudMD earlier when my husband hurt his back a couple of months ago, it was really a scary experience especially during the beginning where he was unable to move and it would have been reassuring to have guidance immediately from a physician. However, during my session with Dr. Or, whom was very on time and professional he gave me some good tips on how to move forward with my husband’s back injury and even recommended some cream for my mother-in-laws insect bite which she got a couple of weeks ago.

I think what stands out about CloudMD the most for me is the convenience which I mentioned many times and to think we didn’t have this service before really blows my mind now. We can gain access to quality health care at the comfort of our own home and schedule an appointment pretty much on my own terms anytime and anywhere! We no longer require taking time off work and can even see a doctor on a lunch break. If you work remotely somewhere and didn’t have access to quality care before now you can easily have that. Lastly, I am someone that dislikes seeing a doctor because I find it intimidating for an in-person visit but seeing them online doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

Glamouraspirit booking a doctors appointment with CloudMD

If you like to find out more about CloudMD please visit their website to find out more about schedules and the services that is provided.

*Special Note: CloudMD team of physicians is available for general health questions to help manage care for your whole family. The service is designed for prescription renewals and diagnosing non-emergency conditions, such as colds and flu, skin conditions, urinary tract infection, dizziness, fever and headache.

If you are experiencing serious or life threatening symptoms such as problems breathing, chest pain, signs of stroke, do not book your appointment online, go to the emergency department or call 911.

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: This is a Paid Sponsorship with CloudMD but opinions are of my own.


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