The Perfect Everyday Car: The All-Electric Jaguar I-PACE

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To be honest, I have never thought about owning an Electric Vehicle before until I test drove the All-Electric Jaguar I-PACE last summer! I actually first heard about the Jaguar I-PACE through my husband who was thinking about switching to an electric car later this year. Coincidentally, I was invited to check out ElectraFest where I get to test out some electric vehicles and the I-PACE was on the list so I jumped eagerly at the chance. We met up with Jarvin Ong who was the I-PACE expert and we got to test drive the car around Yaletown and absolutely loved it! And fast forward to now, we got the chance again to revisit and really get to know the I-PACE more in-depth for about two weeks and I have to say it’s hard to let this car go! So today, I want to share with you my initial impression of the car, why it’s the perfect everyday family car and also why you should switch to an electric vehicle now!


​My journey with the I-Pace began on a busy Thursday evening in March, where I met up with my husband after his work to pick up the car at their beautiful Vancouver location. There I met with the lovely Espanda, who is the Brand Ambassador and we had so much fun learning about the car from her! I think a good indicator of a car company is really their staff and customer service and I find both Espanda and Jarvin to be extremely knowledgeable, passionate and inviting which made me feel like I am a part of the Jaguar family. So for about two weeks, ​I got to test drive the brand new 2020 All-Electric Jaguar I-PACE in a unique Borasco Grey (which almost looked white in certain lighting) but sadly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I was not able to drive it as often as I would have liked since we shouldn’t be going out. Even though I got to drive the car only a few times, I feel like it’s all you need to fall in love with the Jaguar’s smartest performance all battery electric SUV!

First Impression

In a market full of electric vehicles that try to stand out and be statement makers (1), I find it refreshing that the I-PACE stayed true to the elegant spirit of the Jaguar brand and was not influenced by being too gimmicky or trendy. Easily one of the best EV’s out there, the I-PACE has won countless car awards that recognize its great performance and technological marvels. At first glance, the car is subtle with an alluring sporty exterior but the more you look the bolder it becomes and encourage your spirit for the next drive. I have never been in a Jaguar before and even though I know the name and brand to represent luxury very well, it wasn’t until I drove a Jaguar that I truly understand why it’s considered a luxury brand.

With great attention to details like a sophisticated digital dashboard, to a light (almost like the batman signal) that welcomes you, the I-PACE is most significantly a true driver’s car that delivers 512 lb-ft of instant torque and sports car agility which means it has a fast acceleration and that feeling is indescribable! Being in the car almost feels like I’m driving on clouds and it’s a joy to drive especially on the highway. The interior design is refined and uncluttered with clean tactile features and sweeping lines, exactly how you would imagine a high-quality luxury vehicle to be inside. Extremely comfortable to be in, the car is also quiet due to the absence of a giant noisy engine and gives me such a peace of mind when on the road.

​In the beginning, I was a little nervous when driving it for the first time because I didn’t know anything about EV’s but surprisingly, I got use to driving the car sooner than I thought and it took me about twenty minutes to get use to the braking, acceleration and some of the features. I read some reviews saying that they didn’t like the braking as it was too uneven (2) but for me, I liked it because it gave me a greater sense of control and security while driving. With three modes of Eco, Comfort and Dynamic you can play around to see which one would suit you best! Next, my biggest concern before was the panoramic glass roof which I noted during my initial test drive with the I-PACE. I am someone that doesn’t like sun on me and I was worried that it would be too hot on a sunny day. However that myth was debunked completely when I drove the car out for my birthday celebration on a beautiful sunny day and it was not hot at all. Now, I think my favourite feature of the I-PACE is the fixed panoramic glass roof because I love the idea of bringing the outside in! In speaking of the outside, I also love that I get to see the outside when parking with the I-PACE Park Assist. Extremely helpful for someone like me (and many others) who struggle with parking, the standard version allows you get the rear camera and a front signal when parking but with customization you can get a 360 degree Parking Aid and which I would definitely add on as an option to make parking a breeze

So Why go Electric?

I think a few of years ago, the options for electric cars and charging stations were a little limited and it was a big factor in not considering an EV for me. However with recent years, improvement with charging stations and the battery life has really given me confidence that owning an electric car now is the right time and place. Unless you are traveling somewhere very remote, I don’t really see a downside on having an electric car because it’s such a no brainer especially after this new pandemic world. Clearly It’s better for the environment with less emissions and use of natural resources which means it will benefit our health and these times has shown us that this is the asset we need to cherish the most.

I am not sure about other EV cars but the I-PACE is way more powerful than my own non-electric car and not even close. Also when purchasing an EV for the first time you are given incentives by the government because it promotes a greener road so I am all for it. If you were like me and is concerned about charging, well there are plenty of charging stations around now like in parkades of hotels and malls so you can charge up your car while having lunch and shopping. I also didn’t know this before but you can be on the HOV alone if you have an EV, so if you live outside of the city it will make your commute a lot more enjoyable. Finally, the car comes with a navigation system that identifies charging stations around so you can plan accordingly, like you would with gas stations to fill up the car and not to mention how you can always install a charging station at the convenience of your own home. In addition there is an app called Charge Point where you can download to locate charging stations closest to you so you never have to worry about where to charge the car.

A Great Family Car

Unlike other reviews you might come across, the main purpose of my blog post is to introduce to you how the I-PACE is the ideal family car and how it fits seamlessly into your everyday life. With that said my preferred vehicle would have to satisfy a few requirements and the I-PACE easily does that while being a thrilling car to drive. As a parent, one of the major conditions when looking to purchase a new car is how spacious the car is because we need a lot of room to fit in the car seat, groceries, a stroller, toys, diaper bag and pretty much our entire house when going out. And it wasn’t until we drove my mother-in-law and toddler daughter in the back for the first time, that I realized just how spacious and how perfect of a family car it really is. Again with the absence of an engine and even though the I-PACE is actually a slightly smaller crossover than our current non-electric SUV, I find it to be more spacious in the back passenger seats and gives more leg room which is perfect for a road trip when we can travel again. Furthermore, the car has great climate control which is especially important if you have very young children and elderly in your family. Since my daughter is at an age where she is very busy and requires constant stimulation, I really love the fact that she can have a 360 degree view with the panoramic roof and not to mention it’s quite dreamy to see the stars and moon while driving during a clear night sky.

Overview: Why the I-PACE is for you!

After this experience with the Jaguar I-PACE, I think I have become a tiny bit of a car enthusiast because it was just so much fun to drive. Before, I never understood why people loved cars; but now, I comprehend what a difference it makes for the driver when you have a combination of outstanding craftsmanship with instant torque. Considering it’s a Jaguar, the I-PACE is impressive yet unexpectedly relatable and fits in flawlessly with my busy #momlife! A great family car that makes me feel safe when heading to events or taking my daughter to the park and grocery shopping, the I-PACE is both appealing and incredibly functional at the same time. While converting to an electric car is not only a smart decision for the long run that saves you resources, owning an electric car also helps us contribute to a greener earth for the next generation to live in! An electrifying ride, a vehicle like no other- the Jaguar All Electric I-PACE is the car of the future for you and your family.

Given the current situation of Covid-19, Jaguar Vancouver is offering virtual tours via video walk-around of the vehicle (s) you are interested in. Product experts will be on hand to answer your questions regarding any feature and can even help you pick out a colour which you can find out more HERE

*And I want to thank Jaguar Vancouver for this partnership and opening my eyes to the world of Electric Vehicles


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