The Most Natural Way to Bottle Feed with Philips Avent

(This post was sponsored by Philips Avent but opinions are of my own)

One of the most important baby products you will need to discover before or after the baby arrives is a good feeding system. I think almost every baby in their lifetime will experience a bottle or two, so finding a suitable bottle is one of the most important tasks for new parents. So today, I want to introduce another fantastic bottle by Philips Avent, the Natural baby bottle. This special range of bottles is made to easily combine bottle feeding with you breast-feeding mama’s out there; so come discover with me on why the Natural is the perfect bottle for your baby.

Feeding is one of the most life-changing bonding moments you will have with your baby; so whether you are strictly nursing or using formula, you will definitely want to select the right bottle brand for you- so those precious moments are never interrupted with leaking, air bubbles or a collapsed nipple (1).

It all begins on the nipple so what I love about the Philips Avent Natural baby bottle is the unique and innovative design. This ultra soft nipple is made to mimic the feel of the breast with its wide shape in a form of flower petals. The comfort petals inside the nipple along with the spiral design increases softness and flexibility without fearing the nipple would collapse; so your baby will enjoy a more natural, comfortable and satisfied feed. In addition, the wide breast shaped nipple promotes a natural latch one that is similar to that of the mother’s breast, making it easy for your baby to combine breast and bottle feeding. The silicone nipple is also designed with the baby’s teeth in mind and the orthodontic, flat, symmetrical nipple will help the development of palate, teeth and gums in babies. Also, the advanced twin valve is designed to reduce colic and discomfort by venting air into the bottle and not the baby’s tummy which is a game-changer for any parent!

This BPA-free bottle also comes in a glass form which some parents would like; however for myself, I prefer the polypropylene material (plastic) because I won’t fear it shattering when one of us (including myself I am a little clumsy) drops it! I think it’s fine when they are newborns but once they are a little older I would definitely switch over to the plastic version. And due to the distinctive ergonomic shape, the nice curve you see on the body of the bottle really helps the baby to securely grip onto the bottle, even with their tiny hands. But with my extensive experience using Philips Avents wide range of bottles, I find that my favourite part about the their bottles is that the wide neck which makes pouring milk so effortless while the few simple parts makes cleaning and assembly such a breeze

​In speaking of ease, Philips Avent came out with an All-in-one Gift Set so you won’t have to worry about other accompanying products and also makes for a great gift registry item for your baby shower. This wonderful set includes all you need to start bottle feeding in a natural way – a bottle warmer, a microwave sterilizer (yes!), three Philips Avent Natural bottles, two pacifiers and a bottle brush. And of course the bottle is also compatible with Philips Avent’s wide range of bottles (excluding classic bottles and cup handles) so you won’t have to worry about switching brands when they get older because Philips Avent has you covered.
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Philips Avent All-in-one Gift Set for Natural feeding


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