The BEAR mini ™ by FOREO Sweden: a Cute and Effective Workout for the Face

Glamouraspirit using the Foreo Bear Mini for morning routine in bathroom

When we hear or think about working out we often only care about the body but tend to neglect the fact that our face also requires a workout! Meet the BEAR mini™ by FOREO Sweden, a brand best known for their range of LUNA™ cleansing facial brushes and UFO mask treatment devices. This time FOREO has created another innovative tool for the face and it is adorably shaped like a bear! Using superior microcurrent & T-Sonic pulsations to tighten, brighten & firm your skin, the BEAR mini™ gives you a more youthful and contoured complexion and who wouldn’t want that! Newly launched in the US and Canada, I want to introduce you to this incredibly handy device so you too can have the same results as I did and elevate your skin to the next level.

Foreo Bear mini in bathroom vanity

With being inside most of this year, I have turned into even more of a skincare junkie than before, especially when it comes to trying out new skincare tools. Skincare devices are so important because they help boost collagen, give radiance to the skin and better help absorb the products you love. So let’s go ahead and learn more about this neat little device called the BEAR mini™

Glamouraspirit with Foreo Bear mini

Get to know this little BEAR

My first introduction to FOREO Sweden was with the LUNA™ mini 3 which I absolutely adore and use every single day – to remove makeup, cleanse and relax! I love how it’s made from medical-grade silicone (which means it is very hygienic) easy to use and also lasts an incredibly long time with one charge, so I expected nothing less from the BEAR mini™. This fierce but adorable device also has a big sister – the BEAR™. Either of those two facial tools can be used as part of your daily skincare routine. You can choose from a variety of app-guided facial fitness workouts that use adjustable intensities of microcurrent to exercise the muscles behind the skin and help diminish visible signs of aging. During microcurrent workouts, gentle T-Sonic™ pulsations massage the skin, boosting skin’s radiance and enhancing the absorption of SERUM SERUM SERUM during your workout.

With BEAR’s™ Anti-Shock System™, a unique integrated system that uses ultra-smart sensors to scan and measure your skin’s resistance to electricity at a rate of 100x per second, the microcurrent intensity is automatically adjusted in just 0.002 seconds (quicker than you can even think of blinking!) to best suit your skin. This Anti-Shock System™ eliminates any chance of the microcurrent shocking your skin, resulting in maximum safety and effectiveness for an unwavering quality of treatment every single time. Make sure your skin is completely dry before applying the serum and only used on intended areas and not over areas with redness, raised moles, that are infected, over laser treatment or cosmetic surgery or with existing medical conditions etc. (please read the manual carefully before use). 

Foreo Sweden Bear mini app

What I like about the BEAR mini

Travel Friendly & Ergonomic Design

I love to travel so a tool that is travel-friendly is a must. This mini version fits nicely into my hand so it’s very comfortable to use and easy to store like in a vanity case or makeup bag. This Smart Swedish design nicely glides with my facial curves and like the LUNA™ mini 3 offers many usages (90 uses) before I need to charge it again.

A Mini Contour for the Face

I have been using the BEAR mini™ for a little over a month now and quite frequently like 3-4 times a week and noticed that during days when I don’t use the device my face lacks some shape. As someone that has a really round face, I constantly need contouring and I find that before I head out to an event or restaurant (now that we can go out but in a safe physical distance with a mask and smaller immediate groups) the BEAR mini really gives my cheeks some nice subtle definition.

An Affordable Device at the Comfort of Your Own Home

You might look at the price tag and think it is a little expensive but let me tell you it is well worth the investment. For example, if you head to the dermatologist clinic or spa, this type of facial treatment can be so costly and not to mention time-consuming. As a busy blogger and especially as a mom to a toddler, I simply don’t have that time and prefer to just get the results at the comfort of my own home.

Connect with their App

At first I didn’t think the App was going to be that necessary because after awhile with the LUNA™ mini 3 it was pretty straightforward.  However, with the BEAR mini™ I definitely recommend that you stick to the app because it is really helpful. After you register your device, it automatically syncs preferences with FOREO For You app and offers more microcurrent intensities. 

Glamouraspirit with Foreo Bear mini facial device

My mini verdict about the BEAR mini™

I really adore this device but I do wish that the BEAR™ mini can also work to contour the neck and jawline like the BEAR™.  I haven’t used the original device yet so I have no means of comparison but if there would be something I think the BEAR mini™ can incorporate is to be able to target more area instead of just the cheekbones and mouth area because I simply adore the incredibly light-weight size. At first, I did experience a faint pulse or shock so instead of gliding the device in a slow-motion like in the app, I did have to move a bit quicker and avoided the areas around my upper lip because there is quite a bit of redness. It did take a little to get used to so again I advise you to connect with the App for the best results. 

Glamouraspirit before and after use of Foreo Bear mini
Here is a little comparison: on the left side of my face I used the Bear mini and clearly you see some definition whereas the right side you don’t really see much contour.

To think that I didn’t have this device before in my life is unimaginable now and to know that I haven’t been exercising 65+ muscles in my face and neck is inexcusable. So I also urge you to give it a go and experience the effective microcurrent technology from FOREO Sweden and give your face the exercise it deserves. 

Disclaimer: This post is a paid sponsorship by Foreo Sweden but opinions are of my own 


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