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​On a sunny Wednesday evening I met my husband after work in the trendy neigbourhood of Gastown Vancouver for our first date night in a long time and we checked out a beautiful German restaurant called Bauhaus.  Located at the corner of West Cordova and Carrall, I actually haven’t heard about Bauhaus before but thanks to Moneris I was able to experience, reconnect and enjoy an amazing dining experience with my husband that night

​With its key mission to support local business owners, Moneris is here to make transactions easy for both merchants and retailers thanks to their payment solutions for every type of businesses from restaurants, coffee shops, salons and even bookstores.  As someone whose family has owned restaurants and small businesses in the past, I understand how important it is not just for the business owner but also for the customer experience to have fast, easy and reliable transactions.  Even though this usually happens near the end of an experience, it can really make a lasting impression and from both an owner and customer standpoint and we all just want things to go smoothly so we can eat, play and repeat! 

​Matching me with an experience I desired, I chose the Bauhaus Restaurant because I was honestly attracted to the name of the restaurant at first. Inspired by the famous German design school the “Bauhaus Movement”, the single most influential modernist art school of the 20th Century, it created the perfect foundation for the restaurant.  With that in mind, proprietor Uwe Boll envisioned a sophisticated restaurant with high-end modern German food that ensured every element has its own purpose and he achieved just that! Since we were the first ones there after they just opened their doors, I was able to really take in the atmosphere, architecture and design of the space.  Just as I would have imagined the Bauhaus to be, there were amazing artworks, elegant and contemporary designs, a gorgeous wine cellar where you can do tasting and there was even a cool graffiti design in the washrooms to really bring you the experience of being in a fine German restaurant.

​When we first walked in we were greeted by a wonderful waiter named George who took care of us and explained everything in detail so well and made our time that much more memorable.  And of course we can’t forget about the food! What is so unique about their menu is that it is done in a tasting style where you can choose 3, 4, 5 or 6 courses, so you can really get a great feel of their food and also a great way to share different dishes.  Besides having beautifully plated and cooked dishes they also have amazing wine pairings and excellent specialty drinks which I highly recommend you try especially the maple bacon Old Fashion and Amelie.  Our first course was a delightful cucumber soup with a little kick and I had a mackerel ceviche to start which was delicious! My husband had four courses and his meal included a crunchy spring roll with duck confit which I was lucky enough where he was willing to share so I can taste!  For our entrees we had beef tenderloin and a flaky cod dish which was beyond! For desserts we ended with some refreshing sorbet and dark chocolate and cherry cake.  We also had lemon cello and cookies from the restaurant which was the perfect way to end a wonderful night. In hindsight I should have ordered a side dish of Wiener Schnitzel because you can’t go to a German restaurant without ordering that.  But there is always next time and I am definitely going back and the space is perfect for parties so perhaps for my birthday next year! 

​Even though the restaurant is German inspired the food is locally sourced and I love that.  I am all about supporting local in every way because Vancouver has so much to offer and really we should be putting our love into our city the best way possible.  Thanks Moneris for helping me discover this great restaurant it was a match made in food heaven.  If you are a local business looking to have quick and fast payment solutions make sure you check out Moneris
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*This post was sponsored by Moneris #AD

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