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Now that “back to normal life” is a slowly but surely reality, I like so many others have started to dream again about traveling! However, I know that travels will still be up in the air especially internationally; so therefore, I suggest a solution that is probably very plausible in the near future and that is to rediscover your city. What better way to support local during this time than with a road trip to the local resorts, a staycation at your favouirite hotel or a cottage getaway in nearby islands or lake. I think we don’t always have to go searching for the exotic locations because wherever you live there is beauty to be seen and experienced either for the first time or again. This brings me to Monos, a meticulously designed premium luggage brand founded here in Vancouver that creates beautiful yet functional pieces that will ease your transition back to wander-lusting hopefully soon.

The Monos Story

“Our name is inspired by the Japanese concept of mono no aware – the profound appreciation of the beauty in fleeting”

​I really love how this ancient Japanese tradition of mindfulness is incorporated into the Monos brand and language because “fleeting beauty” is a great way to describe travel as its brevity allows you to appreciate it more. Traveling is an escape from reality, to indulge in your curiosity and to learn about new cultures, food and history but once that ends you are left with emptiness and that feeling will make you want to do it again and cherish it more due to its impermanence, like the beauty of cherry blossoms (1). Sometimes, we all need a little Japanese teaching (hello Marie Kondo) to enhance our understanding of life and especially during this quarantine period, I have learned to be more mindful, present and more aware of what was already there like my backyard or my home or nature. Built upon this idea of transience life, the brand is actually co-founded by three ambitious Canadians; Vancouverites to be exact that seek to “de-clutter” the old- ways of traveling that were heavy, impractical and loud. Instead, the Monos founders opted for simplicity, well-crafted and durable luggage that will stand the test of travel and time (2).

The Perfect Travel Companion

Travel Light As a Feather

​I am not going to go too much into detail about the specs of the suitcase because you can check that out on my Instagram story highlights (under Monos Travel) , where I showcase an unboxing of all the wonderful features and how I pack all of my belongings. But what I will talk about is some of the features I love and why you should own a piece especially from their limited edition Terrazzo collection. I got acquainted with the brand during the fall of last year and since have taken my luggage everywhere from staycations, to winter getaways and even for photo shoots. There are a few characteristics I look for in a luggage brand and Monos have outperformed all the luggage’s I own including some that are very expensive. What I love most about their luggage is that they are light as a feather and easy to store making it unproblematic for me to handle the luggage on my own with the help of their 360 degree wheels, ergonomic handles and unbreakable polycarbonate shell even if it’s jammed packed.

Size Matters

​I didn’t got for their award-winning Carry -On because as an influencer, I often pack a lot of things even for a 1-night stay because I have to shoots products and have multiple outfit changes. So instead, I opted for their larger pieces like the Medium Check-in , a great mid-size case if you want more packing but don’t’ want to go too big ideal for 1-2 night stay for two people. If you are packing for a longer period of time the Large Check-in is a great option and if we are going for a family vacation (including my mother-in-law and baby) I would bring the two luggages together and still have plenty of storage in the car for a stroller and food. The interior of the luggage also makes it super convenient to pack all of my belongings with carefully designed pockets and mesh details to safely hold all of my items in place and even comes with shoe bags and laundry bag which is a great attention to detail.

Limited Edition Terrazzo Collection

​Last but not least, I think a luggage should not just be practical but also aesthetically pleasing and that is where I think a lot of other brands fail to do while Monos got it just right. I like that their design is clean, minimal and elegant but yet can speak louder than their more expensive and seasoned competitors! But if you think their design is a little too simple, I encourage you to check out their limited edition Terrazzo Collection. Now, If you think Terrazzo looks familiar but seem uncommon especially in the Pacific North West, well you are not wrong. This traditional Venetian mosaic design is everywhere if you look closely and is a popular flooring material (3). I was a little worried at first because it was white and was scared it might get easily dirty when its thrown around in airports etc. However, the rugged mosaic prints actually deters the look of stains because the design is busy so my luggage always looks brand new so I highly recommend it for your travels ahead.

Post-Quarantine Travels

I know that traveling might still be awhile but it doesn’t mean we can’t prepare for the time when we can again and I encourage you to travel locally at first and rediscover your home. But more importantly, what I have learned through these testing few months is that very few things matter when it comes to down to survival, your health and your loved ones. On the other hand, what I’ve lost during this period of time such as freedom, opportunities and physical contact and interaction, I have gained elsewhere. One such gain is the mindfulness of gratefulness, feeling in the moment and appreciating what is already round me. However, now with quarantine ending and our city trying to regain normalcy, I find myself daydreaming about lost travel plans, missed events and friends that I haven’t seen for awhile. But I think those feelings are all normal and I think what I have discovered is that I can be mindful but also lust after things to enhance my life and finding that balance in the aftermath of Covid-19 is the most important. Wishing you a happy and safe travel wherever and whenever that might be:)

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*Since the pandemic, Monos have shifted a part of their focus on producing CleanPods, a portable and rechargeable UVC sterilizer where you can kill up to 99.9% of viruses on most surfaces and would definitely make for the perfect travel companion with their luggage.

You can check out their website for more details.

Terrazzo Check-In Medium
Terrazzo Check-In Large





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