How to Host a Dreamy Home for Dinner to Benefit Families of Ronald McDonald House BC & Yukon with Fresh Prep this Fall Season

Glamouraspirit home for dinner fundraising picnic in backyard with flower crown and adelina with fall decor for RMH BC with Fresh Prep

Two weeks ago, I was able to organize my second Home for Dinner fundraiser to benefit families that are staying at Ronald McDonald House BC & Yukon and it turned out beyond dreamy. Of course with the pandemic and physical distancing, hosting looks a little different this year; and instead of hosting it at a venue or restaurant, I decided to host a backyard fall picnic where my inner bubble of six were still able to safely gather in support of RMH BC families. No Home for Dinner is complete without good food and this year, I was able to partner up with Fresh Prep – an amazing local meal kit delivery service and partner of RMH BC – to create a magical and unforgettable evening with friends and family. Hopefully, you will be inspired to do the same this fall season and support the cause.

Glamouraspirit home for dinner fundraiser dinner menu for RMH BC with Fresh Prep

What is Home for Dinner? 

With the changing foliage and cozier temperatures, fall is a great time to share a meal and also to celebrate the spirit of giving and that is what Home for Dinner presented by Beedie is all about! If you are unfamiliar with Ronald McDonald House BC & Yukon and their mission, please read my article HERE to find out more about why I decided to get involved with the charity in the first place. Essentially, RMH BC helps families stay together while their children are undergoing major treatments at B.C. Children’s Hospital, offering them a home away from home. Through generous donations, you can help families stay close to their sick child and alleviate many financial burdens such as accommodation, travel, food, gas and other expenses. It costs RMH BC $125 per family per night to operate their 73-bedroom House in Vancouver and they rely on support from the community to provide a home away from home for families. So what is the idea behind Home for Dinner? Traditionally, dinner guests would bring wine or a special dish for the host but instead bringing gifts, you can encourage your guests to donate to RMH BC. Sharing a meal with your loved ones is always a special occasion and it’s even more special when it raises funds to support RMH BC families that are far from home this fall.

Glamouraspirit with Fresh Prep meal kit to benefit home for dinner fundraiser

Sharing a Meal with Fresh Prep

Food is the ingredient that brings loved ones together and Fresh Prep is the ideal service to help you convey that message, and it’s also why they are partnering with RMH BC this year. Not only is Fresh Prep a wonderful meal kit subscription delivery service here in B.C., but they are also dedicated to supporting local charities like RMH BC. Every time someone subscribes with the promo code [FPRMH], Fresh Prep will donate $5 to RMH BC and they are also offering first time users 75% off their first delivery (a savings of $36.75). Not only is this a fantastic chance to try out Fresh Prep but it is an opportunity to give back and help families stay together at Ronald McDonald House BC and Yukon (RMH BC) while their children are fighting a serious illness. 

Fresh Prep Meal delivery kit for glamouraspirit home for dinner fundraiser to benefit families staying at RMH BC

What’s for Dinner? 

Fresh Prep was started in the winter of 2014 by three childhood friends that wanted to make the answer for “what’s for dinner?” easier and healthier. As a busy mom and blogger, I am quick to gravitate towards unhealthy takeout orders and this has especially affected me during quarantine. Carefully developed by their in-house culinary team and nutritionist, their ingredients are fresh and pre-measured with no “mystery” ingredients, saving us time without sacrificing flavour. Their packages are also made from recyclable, reusable and compostable materials so even better. Every delivery is sent out in insulated cooler bags with easy-to-follow recipes and is separately packed for each recipe you’ve ordered, which means your food is never soggy, always gourmet and will impress all of your guests. So if you are thinking of hosting a Home for Dinner fundraiser or any other small gathering this fall, Fresh Prep is an easy and delicious option to try out. The subscription service also has a great Add-On section that allows you to increase your portion size and even include extra protein, desserts, bread, pre-made soups, plus kid’s meals and more to satisfy a variety of different taste buds and even create a three-course meal for a fancier affair.

Glamouraspirit ordering Fresh Prep for her Home for Dinner fundraiser to benefit families at RMH BC

How Does Fresh Prep Work?

So it is really simple to start and only took me a few minutes to understand how the service works! First, you create an account on the Fresh Prep website and choose your taste and delivery preferences when you sign up. For example, you can choose portions for 2 people or, if you have a family like me, you can choose the family plan and decide how many meals per week you would like to try out: 2, 3, or 4. Then, every week, they deliver prepped and portioned ingredients for however many meals you signed up for, along with easy-to-follow recipe cards for you to cook incredible meals in under 30 minutes. You can switch your preferences and meals, skip weeks or cancel anytime. I truly adore their flexibility, ability to cater to your taste and opportunities to try out new dishes every week.

Glamouraspirit dreamy backyard decor for home for dinner picnic fundraiser to benefit families at RMH BC

A Dreamy Setting for a Backyard Picnic

Like many others, COVID-19 has forced me to appreciate what is already in front of me and for a long time I have neglected my backyard. While spending more time at home, I was able to rediscover my outdoor space and thought it was the perfect setting to host my second annual Home for Dinner fundraiser. Since I was able to partner up with Fresh Prep, it made hosting at home that much easier and I was able to impress friends in my inner bubble with a gourmet home-cooked meal.  Speaking of the meal, my friends nibbled on Oyama Sausages from Fresh Prep with cheese and dried fruits and fresh berries, while a summer Panzella salad with gem tomatoes and bocconcini was served soon after. For our entrée, we enjoyed a Sumac Chicken with feta pea smash and fingerling potatoes and finished the night drinking wine and whisky from Wayne Gretszky Estate Winery along with cookies from Bakery State (so good, dreaming about this cookie everyday). We also baked already-made bread from Nelson the Seagull, which everyone got to enjoy fresh out of the oven. 

Glamouraspirit at her dreamy home for dinner backyard picnic fundraiser to benefit families at RMH BC
Good Vibe sign for home for dinner backyard picnic fundraiser to benefit families at RMH BC

Décor to elevate your Home for Dinner fundraiser

With the Fresh Prep menu set, I was really inspired to have decorations that reflected fall colours and where guests can be really comfy and cozy. So I incorporated a lot of pretty cushions and pillows that have pom pom details that matched the chargers. The table was adorned with seasonal flowers like Dahlias and orange roses with popular pampas grass and copper candelabras that added to the mood as we chatted till the late evening with candlelight. We also featured gorgeous ceramic plates from Fable and creative menus made with seeds inside so my guests could take them home to plant them in their own gardens. I absolutely adore this sustainable idea and it works perfectly with the message of Home for Dinner, which is to give a home to families in need and help them adjust the best they can to new circumstances. On the other hand, RMH BC also has mission cards and customizable menus that they are glad to provide for all Home for Dinner events.  To be honest, I was a little stressed the week prior because it was said to rain and there was smog in the air from all the wild forest fires in Washington and Oregon State. But on the day of the dinner, the weather came through, the smog cleared, the sun came out and we were able to have my dream of a backyard picnic. However, you can always easily bring the gathering inside because Vancouver is notorious for rainy weather and fall is no exception. Also, know that your Home for Dinner gathering doesn’t have to be an elaborate setting like mine, but I do encourage all of you to decorate even minimally with candles, flowers, maybe some balloons and place settings to add to the ambiance!

friends at Glamouraspirit home for dinner backyard picnic to benefit families at RMH BC enjoying a good time chatting and eating

Hosting During Covid: Stick to Six!

During challenging times like this, hosting might be a little tricky but it can still be just as fun as before! Here are a few tips and tricks on how you can host safely and enjoy the company of others in smaller groups. When guests arrive, the first thing they should do is wash or sanitize their hands. Prior to the event, I asked many questions pertaining to their health and making sure they weren’t feeling ill in advance. Keep in mind, safety is of utmost importance, so make sure to ask questions and also have the ability to say “no” if you feel in any way uncomfortable. We stuck to the guideline of six people and I invited five people including one family member so how you judge the six people protocol is up to you, but again, make sure you feel comfortable and stick to your inner bubble. What I learned through this testing time is that you can still enjoy time spent with others, but you will need to take some additional precautions and adjustments to ensure everyone’s safety.  However, I do understand that some will have anxiety about having people over and in this case, perhaps a virtual event is a better option. You can send over e-gift cards from Fresh Prep and encourage them to cook with you through a live event and in return, they can contribute to RMH BC using the promo code {FPRMH}or donate to Home for Dinner directly and to continue the giving and thankful spirit.

cheers glamouraspirit and friend at home for dinner backyard picnic fundraiser to benefit families at RMHH BC

Here is how you can make a big difference:

1. Say thank you to your host

-If you are a guest reading this blog post, make sure to show your gratitude by making a donation on your host’s Home for Dinner fundraising page. Your gift will provide accommodation and support when families from across B.C. and the Yukon must travel to Vancouver for their child’s medical treatment – making sure they can stay safe and close to the hospital while enjoying healthy home-cooked meals together.

2. Set up your fundraising page

-Join-in on the fundraising action by signing up for your own personal fundraising page. Customize your page by uploading a photo and sharing a story about why you’re staying Home For Dinner. 

3. Spread the word 

-Share on social media and tag #HomeForDinner and @rmhbc. This Social Media Toolkit provides sample posts and photos to help get you started. RMH BC can even provide you with customizable menus and mission cards 

4. Check out their fundraising resources

5. Join RMH BC online on October 15th at 7:05pm to celebrate your impact. We’ll share the details closer to the event date.

You can always contact RMH BC at with any questions and find out how you can host a dinner HERE

*To make a donation to RMH BC visit HERE and help a family stay together and give them a home away from home and community to rely on.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Fresh Prep & RMH BC

Glamouraspirit with Adelina at her backyard picnic fundraiser to benefit families with sick children at RMH BC with Fresh Prep and fall decor

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