Beauty: Review of the Whirl Trio by @T3Micro

*Disclaimer, gloves worn on the wrong hand in picture MUST be worn on hand touching the heated barrel

​It is no secret that I am a huge fan of all the T3 Micro award-winning professional hair styling tools. And today, I got the chance to review what T3 is best known for- their curling wand! They have many great styles to choose from but I specifically wanted to try the Whirl Trio, so I can customize my curls for endless styling possibilities.

​Winner of the 2015 and 2016 Allure Best of Beauty Award, what makes the Whirl Trio special is that you get the choice of having 3 different styling options in one tool. Whether you want loose curls one day for a beach vibe or tight curls for a formal event the next, the Whirl Trio will have you covered! What is unique about this set is that unlike traditional curling wands with a clip, these barrels are clip-free and stands on their own. Like the other T3 Micro tools, the barrels are adorn in their signature white and rose gold trim and comes with high quality Tourmaline and ceramic materials which keeps the hair smooth, shiny and healthy with every style and curl.

::My Review::

When I first received the set I was surprised at how light-weight all the barrels are and of course super pretty and well-made. I like that it came with a black pouch that I can easily travel with and store away when I am not using them. There is also a lock feature which holds the pretty barrels in place but don’t be afraid to use a little strength to snap them in. With that said, I was thrown off by the no-clip feature of the barrels at first but after continuous use, I think I actually prefer barrels over a clip. Not only is the transition very smooth and effortless but I am not scared that my hair will get caught anywhere like it does with a clip feature. I also had ample control of my curls as contrary to my initial thought and created curls of my desire very easily and without fuss. Furthermore, don’t be alarmed if you see white smoke coming out, quality irons usually does that and it isn’t damaging to your hair at all.

​​Of course, like all the T3 Micro tools, the barrels heats up very quickly and becomes very hot which gives you those amazing curls. In addition, I am the thrilled that it comes with one heat resistant glove (which I think should also be included with the straightener) to protect my hand from the heat. However with that said, since the barrels are extremely HOT I actually got burned when I didn’t wear gloves to hold my hair in place. So I have to stress that you MUST wear the gloves and I would actually want T3 to include a pair of gloves instead of just one with even thicker material because I can still feel the heat through gloves if I held it for slightly longer. Lastly, like with all the T3 sizes, my hair doesn’t react well with the biggest barrel and created very limp curls that I don’t prefer for my straight fine hair. Perhaps it’s my hair texture but I think if you have long or short curly hair it would give you more structure.

Overall, I would highly recommend that you try one of their curling wands and the Whirl trio would be a great introduction to the T3 Micro family. I am pretty positive you will fall in love, be impressed and find the curling wand of your dreams!

Thanks for reading and thank you to T3 Micro for partnering up with me on another look!

Whirl Trio: T3 Micro (Thank you)

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