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Glamouraspirit with Bears Bloom flower bouquet

For me, finding a good flower service around my area has always been a challenge because I don’t live in the city anymore and the options are quite limited.  I love flowers and need to use it a lot for work like creating flat lays or use them as décor but I find that my flower game is lacking a bit because of it; On the other hand, I also detest going to stores to buy plants and flowers and I much prefer to get it delivered. So this brings me to Bears Blooms– an amazing local subscription flower delivery service that delivers farm fresh flowers straight to your door.  I really enjoy their monthly seasonal flower bouquets and delivery options so if you are looking for a similar flower delivery service please read more.

Bears Blooms Flower Bouquet

Who is Bears Blooms?

Started by a brother and sister duo Parker and Tess, their mom’s passion for flowers were passed down to them. Together with a love for flowers and savvy for business, Bear’s Blooms was created to provide a convenient way for people to receive flowers and also support local farmers.  So after hearing about this service through an IG friend, I got to test out their service for a couple of months and I have to say that there are a few things that I really enjoyed and would love to share that with you.

Support Local, Less Waste

Bear’s Blooms really aims to support local farmers and I love that 95% of their flowers are sourced locally here in B.C even in the wintertime! Since traditional florists usually throw away up to 40% of their flowers, Bear’s Blooms is able to provide the service at a lower cost and produce less waste because they are able to buy exact orders and only buy flowers that are in season. Furthermore, they are also committed to distributing reusable and recyclable packaging, where all of their boxes are made from 60% recycled content and are 100% recyclable.  You can even leave your box outside each month before your next delivery and they can even reuse that box or recycle it for you!

A Convenient and Affordable Service

I think for any delivery service to work and it doesn’t matter what the product is it has to be two things: Convenience and affordability. As mentioned in the intro, I was impressed that a Vancouver company delivered outside the city to the Greater Vancouver area because not a lot of companies do that.  I mean there are a lot of people out here looking for great services too and I feel like we are often neglected and will have to go into the city for a nice bouquet. So I think it was great that they can offer this and hopefully in the future expand even further out to service more customers.  I also like that their service is very affordable and you can enjoy seasonal farm-fresh flowers straight to your door. 

Customizable Details

I have to mention that they have a great customer service department because inquired a couple of times and they got back to me quickly. Their website is also good and I can manage easily how I want my delivery to be either monthly or bi-weekly so I adore that it’s really customizable.  However you choose to manage your subscription, Bear’s Blooms flowers comes in this adorable recycle box and inside you will find instructions on how to arrange it, flower food and a description of the flowers in the bouquet. Their flowers, even though they come looking a little sad, once you water them and put flower food in they begin to perk up nicely and last for a really long time and I was surprised.

Glamouraspirit with Bear's Blooms box

It’s All About You

Overall, I really enjoyed their flowers and their service because it’s all about catering to your schedule and frequency while providing you with the best flowers without breaking the bank! With that said, the only issue I had before was that the flowers didn’t look very full in the vase! However, with a recent small increase to $39/month, I think the bouquet will definitely be fuller but still at a very affordable price.

So if you are looking for that fresh garden feel check out Bear’s Blooms and you can even use code YVONNA2632 for a little discount to get started. You can check out Bear’s Blooms HERE

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Bear’s Blooms

Bear's Blooms delivery box with Bear and flowers in Vancouver a flower delivery subscription Service

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