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​Have you heard of microneedling? Apparently it’s a new trend in skin care where you roll over your skin with a device that looks like a mini paint roller covered in tiny titanium bristles. The purpose of this very affordable at-home treatment is said to stimulate collagen production with the purpose of increasing the absorption of skincare (1). As an active acne sufferer all my life, I jump at any chance to improve my skin; hence, I was extremely excited to try out Banish, a subscription skincare system that involves microneedling to help you fight and banish acne all together.

​They say great skin is 70% genetics (thanks mom), 20% internal factors (food) and then, 10% great skincare (2) – which I totally agree with. Last summer, I was put on a tea detox and my skin cleared up with proper food and water intake but it also required diligent skin care. With visits to the dermatologist office that can cost upwards to $250 dollars (3) per appointment, this DIY mini dermabrasion kit is a steal for clear skin! This awesome starter kit comes with 8 items all working in unison to improve your skin. Let me introduce some of the items and how they work below:

The Banisher: (Microneedling)

The banisher creates micro wounds in skin causing skin to heal and repair itself and build new collagen fibers. Remember to glide the roller in one direction and take it off the skin to change direction. Warning you might experience some redness but it’s temporary and DO NOT abruptly change direction or else you can potentially damage your skin. To use dip the roller in alcohol for 5 mins and let it air dry before usage and repeat the same steps to store the roller afterwards. Use the banisher every other week & serum daily to fade scars, wrinkles, dark spots, stretch marks and improve your overall skin texture (4) Do not use on active pimples and discard after 3 uses because you need the bristles to not be bent and for hygienic reasons since it penetrates into the skin!

Pore Smasher:

Don’t be alarmed by its size, the pore smasher massages and provides cold therapy (leave it in freezer for 15 min before use or keep it in a cooler) to your skin to reduce puffiness, redness, minimize pores, and numb skin before banisher. It can also be used before makeup for a flawless application.

Pen Banisher:

Unlike the Banisher, the Pen is used to target active pimples, dark spots and uneven texture. Similar to the banisher, dip the pen in alcohol for 5 mins and repeat the steps afterwards to store. Use every other week and with the banisher if desired and discard after 3 uses!

Vitamin C Serum (oil) & Beauty Exlir

The Serum is actually an oil that absorbs like a serum and the elixir is used as a toner or a daily facial mist throughout the day. Both can be applied daily and after microneedling!

Activated Charcoal Masque

This mask unclogs pores, dries up acne and absorbs excess oils and dirt!  To use, you can mix the charcoal powder with the beauty elixir and even squeeze some lemon juice and apply it on a clean cleansed face.   

Pumpkin Enzyme Masque:

A tingly sensation at first, use this mask once or twice a week to exfoliate skin and prevent breakouts! It also offers great hydration and your skin feel baby smooth afterwards.

My Review:

​I tried out the kit for one month and I have to say it did help with my acne and overall skin texture. I love that their products are all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free and made fresh on the same day they are shipped out. I love anything that’s gentle and organic because what we put on our skin is so important. My favorite of the starter kit is hands down the masques and Pore smasher. Both masks are great for clearing up my pores and giving me soft glowy skin; Afterwards, I would use the pore smasher to massage my face and minimize my pores to control sebum secretion. I love the feeling of the metal on my face and the rolling is really relaxing. I would purchase these three items again! As for the banishers, I liked the needling on my face and didn’t feel any pain; however, I didn’t see a significant change in the time period that I used it. I also find that it is cumbersome each time to dip and sanitize the apparatus in alcohol which really delayed the process. I think for me to really see results I would need a subscription of at least a couple of months. What I didn’t like was the serum! It added oil onto my already oily skin and gave it a “rough” feeling afterwards. It could be that the serum isn’t made for oily skin but I would not purchase this item again. However, I did mix the oil with my foundation and it gave a flawless finish so I would use it for that purpose but not as a skincare. And the elixir is just a regular toner/ face mist that you can get anywhere. Overall, this starter kit was a good introduction to Banish and you can pick and choose items you liked. I do think that with continuous use the banisher will help improve the overall appearance of your skin.

Thanks for reading and for more information about how to use this kit view HERE

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